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The Importance of Homeownership for Women’s Financial Wealth and Stability

Owning a home means so much more than making a one-time transaction. Homeownership is vital for building stability and wealth. Being a homeowner means taking your finances into your own hands by stabilizing your monthly payments. It means being secure about where you’ll be living and how much you’ll be paying for housing now and in the future. Most importantly, it means having a way to build wealth because you own an asset.

When you own an asset, you have the freedom to borrow against your wealth. Whether you encounter an emergency or want to make a significant investment, such as starting your own business, being able to borrow against your assets can be the difference between moving forward or falling behind.

The Importance of Women and Home Ownership

Today, single women are purchasing homes at a higher rate than single men. Yet, compared with their male counterparts, women are often paying more and selling for less. A recent study from Yale found that, on average, women buy homes for an average of 2% more than men and sell homes for an average of 2% less than men.

That seemingly small percentage can add up quickly, especially here in the Bay Area.

Knowing how to time the buying and selling of a home along with how to negotiate for the best offer are some of the main reasons women pay more for housing than men. In addition, women may have more limited options when it comes to finding a home they love that’s in a secure area and within their price range.

A Real Estate Model Created for Women by Women

Aída’s understanding of the challenges women face when buying a home sets her apart from other real estate agents. Because she identifies with how women approach home buying, Aída is uniquely positioned to help women find a home they will love to help them build wealth and enjoy the financial freedom and security that comes from homeownership.

Working in the highly competitive real estate market in the Bay Area, Aída recognizes that women deserve to have a focused realtor—someone authentic and genuine; someone who is honest about a home’s investment value; someone who understands the importance of living in a safe area of the city.

As a realtor, Aída knows the incredible hurdles and challenges that women often face when it comes to homeownership. Her resourcefulness and tenacious ability helps clients find what they seek and negotiate the best offer to fulfill their investment objectives. With an obsession for detail and a flair for candor, Aída offers her clients an authentic, professional, and informed assessment of properties.

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