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Redwood City

Declared “Climate Best by Government Test” in 1926, though seems many moons ago, the climate in this colorful city has not changed. “Great weather year-round” is usually the first thing Redwood City residents boast when asked why they live here.

A large city with a rich history in diverse cultural communities that has continued to grow, offering almost every type of ethnic food you can think of! Foodies find this city a great alternative to the San Francisco restaurant scene.

The neighborhoods in Redwood City you can say are as diverse as the people. There is a pocket neighborhood in just about every corner of the city.

Whether you are a millennial looking for the urban-off the grid feel with community gardens, chicken, goat pens to the first-time home buyer wanting to get great value for their $$$ to the executive family that wants the large home with a view -there is something for everyone in Redwood City.

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